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Septic Systems


So, you're considering buying or building a house that is located outside of the city or town limits.  Or perhaps you've already purchased a home with a septic system and need to find out what it's all.  Let's cover the  facts. 


Your septic system
  • Evaluate the Septic System
    When you're deciding what to offer on your dream home in the country, be sure to check out the septic system! You can call South West Septic to schedule an evaluation. If you need to make an offer without a septic evaluation, we recommend the following - Flush the toilet. If the toilet flushes slowly, there may be a septic problem. Ask the agent to show you where the drain field is located. Then take a deep breath. If it smells, there may be a septic problem. You don't want to make an offer for the property and find out later that the septic system is failing. If you suspect that the septic system is failing, and still want to purchase the house, factor the cost of a replacement septic system into your offer. South West Septic can provide you with an estimate for replacement.
  • Include the Septic System in Your Plans
    While you're plotting out your custom country home, keep in mind that you'll need space for a septic drain field. An ideal drain field will be flat, downhill from the home, isolated and free of trees. As part of your building plans, have the drain field site inspected for soil type, the water table, the potential well location and size based on the anticipated number of bedrooms. Prudent planning with your septic system can save you thousands of dollars. Please visit New Installations for more information.
  • You've Come to the Right Place
    Locate the septic tank and drain field. The Madison County Health Department should have the "as-built" drawing for your system. Take a tour of your property looking for manhole covers or lids. If the system is older, the tank could be difficult to find because there are no visible parts. Did the prior owner keep maintenance records for the septic system? Yes! Excellent. You should schedule a pumping of your septic system soon. (Inspection and pumping should be done every 3-5 years, so check the records for the last pumping.) In the meantime, resume monthly maintenance with microbial additive (South West Septic sells this product), and educate everyone in your home about what shouldn't and what can't go down the drains. (Please click here for a list.) No (or perhaps you can't find them?). Contact your local septic specialist immediately. South West Septic keeps records for all its clients, so you may be in luck. Schedule an inspection and pumping right away. While you're waiting for your inspection, pay close attention to what shouldn't and can't go down the drains. If your septic system is precarious, you don't want to make it worse. Either way, familiarize yourself with our Maintenance Plan and keep you checklist up to date.


Septic systems aren't rocket science but it's important to understand how to care for them before you have a problem.  Why?  Because resolving a problem can be very expensive and stinky.  Whether you're looking to install a new system or need to maintain an existing system, we'll give you the straight....story - short and simple.

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