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Septic Products



What are they?  A lid is a 15 inch concrete lid with lip to fit into the riser.  They are critical for keeping critters and other materials out of your septic tank.


What are they?  A riser is a black polyurethane culvert.  We cut this to the perfect height to bring the lid of your tank to the ground level.  It can be on the surface so you can see the lid.  No more digging.  Or it can be placed just 2-3 inches below the sod so the lid is not exposed.

Why do you want them?   Risers simplify tank accessibility.


What are they?  Septic tank filters prevent solids greater than 1/16 of an inch from entering your drain field and clogging it up.  If your tank has a second compartment, the filter is located at the outlet.  Its external to internal flow and gas-baffle end cap prevents solids from entering the drain field.  You will need to clean this filter by hosing it off every 1-2 years.

Microbial Additives
15" Septic Tank Lids at South West Septic
Septic Tank Riser at South West Septic
Septic Tank Filter at South West Septic

What are they?  A microbial additive is a biological product that boosts and replenishes the supply of valuable micro-organisms to allow the natural activity  to continue.  To maintain, you simply flush one self-dissolving pouch down the toilet monthly.

Why do you want them?  A microbial additive reduces frequent pumping and extends the life of the drain field.  It neutralizes detergents, bleach and other harmful chemicals.  Most importantly it helps degrade paper, grease, and vegetable oil.

Microbial Additive at South West Septic
Roebic Root Killer

What does it do?  It kills roots!  This product is specifically designed to kill roots that get into sewer lines and drain fields.  It can help improve the maintenance and lifeof your drain field. 

Roebic Root Killer at South West Septic
Sweet Air Vent Filter at South West Septic

Call South West Septic for more information about these products or to place your order.

What does it do?  Removes odors from drain pipes and septic systems.  Activated carbon "scrubs" the vent discharge and removes unpleasant odors from your septic vent.  

Sweet Air Vent Stack Filter
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